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By author

Avetisyan Minas (1928-1975)

Works (4)

The connecting link of Armenian medieval heritage and contemporary art


MOVEMENT: modern art, fauvism

FIELD: painting, monumental painting, graphic art, opera and theatre decorator

60s became a new "golden age" in the history of Armenian art. Prominent representatives of this period have rediscovered the nature of Armenian art, finding new strength plastics and color. One of the clearest examples of the new "Renaissance" was the Minas Avetisyan. Minas has brought to the national painting not only intense, fresh color vision, but has created a special, deeply modern image of Armenian nature, a kind of collective image of the rugged mountain country.The color plays the most crucial role in his artworks. Some of them do not have equal  ones by their intensity and activity.His art is a one fusion, in which colorist and painter interact perfectly. A wonderful sense of rhythm and music, that are inherent to his painting and drawing, helped him to create a series of stunning scenery for the Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theatre. The principles that are characteristic for Fauvism didn’t get  him in the way to gravitate to the French modernism and 20th century early avant-garde. By preserving in his art traditions of Armenian Middle Age art, Minas Avetisyan is a real art bridge that connects the traditions of the past and present in national fine art. The works of Minas Avetisyan are exhibited in the “Museum-Studio” of Minas Avetisyan (Yerevan), Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow).


“His energy is strong, bright and very close to me. As an artist with symphonic breath, he rushed into the theater with a broad and deep thoughts. He carried a powerful symphony."

Aram Khachaturyan


“I am 50 year older than you. Unfortunatelly we have a little time. Where have you been? If you could appear a little earlier. Never forget, that art loves fighting. So keep on doing your work.”

Martiros Saryan


1928 – born in Jajur village, Armenia.

1947-1952 – studied at the Art College named after P.Terlemezian, Yerevan.

1952-1954 – studied at Institute of Fine Arts and Drama, Yerevan.

1954 1960 –studied in Leningrad Art Academy, in the studios of A. Zaytsev,

L. Khudyakov, B. Yoganson.

Since1962 – worked as a stage-designer in the ballets “Bolero,” “Antuni,” “Gayane,” “Sako from Lori,” opera “Almast” etc.

Since 1968 –Honored artist of Armenia.

1973 - elected a member of the Presidium of Armenian Artists’ Union.

1975 – tragically died in Yerevan.

Posthumously was rewarded with the State Prize of Armenia.

1980 – his works were rewarded with “Martiros Sarian” award.

A great number of the artist’s works were lost during a fire in his studio in 1972.


The works are kept in the “Museum-Studio” of Minas Avetissian (Yerevan), Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), many private collections in Armenia, Russia and other countries.

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