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Abroyan Vladimir (1939)

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Awareness of art through the laughter

MOVEMENT: graphic satire


Be a cartoonist is very elitist, because this genre of graphic art is quite tough. There are not much representatives of this rare art style. A some big part of an artist who devoted himself to graphic satire must be a clown, buffoon, minstrel, the observer, who is able to notice everything and generate images. Vladimir Abroyan is of such material. He has managed to work and be acknowledged abroad even in Soviet Period, when our painters were closed inside the borders of regime. Though his prestigious international prizes mostly have been intercepted by KGB and rarely have appeared in artist’s own hands. It seems that kind of borders were strengthening the imagination of the famous cartoonist.  He has kept hard working, has been published in mostly all newspapers and magazines, was sending works to different cartoon festivals and competitions, an always brought one more prize or honor. Last Bronze prize of Vladimir Abroyan came this year from one of the most prestigious and high-classed, top-rated cartoon exhibition of the world SATYRYKON.

Today in Armenia there are few people who don’t know the art of this artist and caricaturist.It is hard to imagine our domestic newspapers and magazines without the cartoons with the characteristic signature. But Armenian audience always saw his sharp social satire. At our exhibition nude cartoons of Abroyan (mostly being participated at abroad expositions and festivals) is presented to a public first time in Armenia.


Prizes and International contests of cartoon

1976 1st prize , republican contest “By touch of satire”

1976 1st prize , republican contest “By touch of satire”

1983 winner of 4th International exhibition Satire in struggle for peace, Moscow /honorary diploma, two medals/

1990 winner of the International exhibition “Man and ocean”, Vladivostok

1991 silver prize, diploma, Ankona, Italy

1992 prize, Army and disarmament, Italy

1992 2nd International Festival of Cartoon, Japan

1993 3rd  International Festival of Cartoon, Japan

1995 prize after Chezare Markorelly /diploma/, Italy

1997 1st International Exhibition , /Prizes for free theme and Internet/, Turin, Italy

2010 silver prize Mencao Honrosa/Cartum, Brazil

2012 2 special prizes on theme Wine and traveling, France

2013 bronze medal, 3 prizws /Section ‘Joke’/, Poland

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